Warm greetings! Thanks for visiting my blog.

After having lived 56 years on Earth (57, if you count being in my mom’s womb), I am focusing on “bringing forth all that is within me,” as Thomas said in his Gospel. I love exploring life, this planet (and space, too). I love traveling, writing and sharing about my discoveries, and meeting and learning from people along the way.

Susan Beaver

I know we can embrace and embody peace on this planet and I take a personal vow to do all I can to help make it so while I’m here – all ways. It’s about the evolution of our species, as we travel now out into the Milky Way galaxy at this crucial point in human his/herstory.

I have found that one cannot share what one does not have. And so, peace on Earth and in our galaxy must first come from inside, then to our immediate community (family, friends, and those we meet in person and online), and then spread all over our world. Our inner world is both the cause of and the complement to our outer world.

Let us go forth in peace – laugh and have fun – and take radical self responsibility as we grow – in all respects.

As I travel, meet people,  and share, I warmly invite you to join the conversation, celebrate peacemakers across the world, and to take action as you see fit.

With Enthusiasm,


P.S. Thank you to all of my teachers and noble friends.