Personal Vow

“Consider the one thing you can do to change the world, and then go do it.”

That was the writing prompt I gave my college freshman in 2013 (in part borrowed from the powerful movie, Pay It Forward.) As a lifelong learner and explorer, I decided I should take the challenge of writing the essay myself.  Here it is:

Envisioning the Future
By Susan Beaver Thompson

There must be peace on Earth for the people on Earth to be free. We can change life on this planet by making peace our #1 Goal, and helping to lead the way to all people being free to live their lives fully without being controlled by governments or corporations.

It’s the people who own this planet – all of them.  It’s time for a paradigm shift – one that begins with the people and rests with the people. If this shift does not occur, the people will suffer greater still, and it will be the peoples’ fault for not asserting their freedom.

Every day, on every continent, people see and feel that the world is not as they wish; there is war everywhere, and poverty, disease, surveillance, strife, and despair. With the tremendous overload of information and a powerful media (controlled by corporations), the average person on Earth may feel that they are just one person, and that he/she alone cannot really make a difference.

Many people and families are just trying to survive and to offer a good life to their children – one better than they had, and many do not believe that the world is getting better. The threat of nuclear war is upon us each day, and still our leaders support a war machine that does not benefit the people. They use others to fight their battles, which are nearly always for their economic gain. Peace is not to the advantage of the rich and powerful – even though the people of the planet will never truly be free without it. Have you ever felt like this? I have. So, what’s a person to do?

The Personal Vow

Each person much take action each day for Peace and Freedom in a way that suits them. What is bold for one person, might be unthinkable for others. As we act, we share our ideas and successes. Unlike the 1960s when people hit the streets in protest for a cause, I believe that the genesis of true social change in our time is the personal vow.

It goes something like this: “No matter what, no matter if anyone else on the planet stands up for Peace, and for the rights of the people, I am going to stand up. I will take action each day in ways that matter, and I will join with others who want the same.” This vow and what it means will be different for each person. However, monumental change occurs when millions of people start moving in the same direction: toward Peace. One step at a time.

Perhaps, it all comes down to whether one values Freedom more, or Security more. Yes, having both is wonderful, but in our rapidly changing world, each person may have to choose between the two at some point. Which will you choose?

We are each here to make a difference. My personal vision is to create a “via,” a peace portal – a platform and a vehicle for change – that will aid the people in getting their  voices heard, and in organizing to form a peaceful society. And, then taking “the show” on the road.

[Originally published by Susan on April 9, 2013 on Filed under: Being a Change Agent, Citizen Empowerment, Featured Articles, Galactic Communications, Milky Way Galaxy News, Nonviolent Protest, Partnership Development, Peace News.]


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